Writing CVC Words

This Writing CVC Words is editable…well part of it is in Powerpoint – we’ve locked the images in the first 5 pages but you can change the words. This is suitable for Kindergarten and Year 1 and contains 12 pages.

It is great for literacy centres as it not only contains CVC words but sight words.

We have provided 5 pages set up ready to go with images and more pages for you to design as you wish. The five pages contain a, e, i, o, u CVC words and simple sight words only.

You can change the sentences and add images to suit. The idea is to print these out and laminate. Use whiteboard markers to write the words.

Alternatively, you can print out blank pages and have students find CVC images like cat/mat/hat in magazines to glue on. They can then write a sentence or finish a sentence by writing only the CVC word. We have provided a black and white version for this activity.

You can find this resource on TPT for only $2.50.

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