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iPad Tip – SPEAK Option

The SPEAK option on iPads and Apple phones is a great tool to help students when reading is required and they are slower readers, e.g. like research activities where reading is not the focus of the lesson.

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Writing CVC Words

This Writing CVC Words is editable…well part of it is in Powerpoint – we’ve locked the images in the first 5 pages but you can change the words. This is suitable for Kindergarten and Year 1 and contains 12 pages. It is great for literacy centres as

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30 After Reading Activities for Kids

After reading a book as a class or individually, it is great if students can take a step further and engage with the book more. This will help them with their reading comprehension and understanding of deeper concepts within the book. After reading activities are also great

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Pirate Patch Alphabet Activity

Avast Ye! Create your own classroom pirate alphabet with this cute Pirate Patch activity. If you haven’t purchased this already, well, shiver me timbers! This is a great way to add an alphabet to the classroom as students get to contribute by colouring their pirate and adding

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Social Media in the Classroom

Whether we like it or not social media is part of today’s society and is also being welcomed into our classrooms. These days the school newsletter is online and our students are connecting with others from all around the world with their Facebook account (usually underage). In

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