Classroom décor and labels

Australian Clip Art

This resource contains 60 images to use for personal, classroom or commercial use. Please make sure images are locked for any commercial purposes and follow the TERMS OF USE. In the classroom, use them to create your own writing paper in colour. …or black and white.  

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Shadow Box Craft Freebie

These shadow box papers have been created to fit inside a shadow box with images  of 8cm x 8cm. Put the shadow box together loosely and draw inside the squares. 2. Glue on all the images. 3. Paint the box. 4. Glue it all together and add

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Birthday Chart for the Classroom FREE Resource

This is a cute and easy birthday chart to use in the classroom or early childhood centre. This is a FREE resource. 1. Print out all the hats, faces, stars and months of the year. Laminate if you wish. 2. Cut them all out. 3. Arrange them on

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