iPad Tip – SPEAK Option

The SPEAK option on iPads and Apple phones is a great tool to help students when reading is required and they are slower readers, e.g. like research activities where reading is not the focus of the lesson.

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Ice Breakers for the Classroom

This is a free resource which is great for BACK TO SCHOOL. It includes six activities for the first week of school to help break the ice and get to know your students. Suitable for various ages. Instructions for the six activities as well as class rules

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Birthday Chart for the Classroom FREE Resource

This is a cute and easy birthday chart to use in the classroom or early childhood centre. This is a FREE resource. 1. Print out all the hats, faces, stars and months of the year. Laminate if you wish. 2. Cut them all out. 3. Arrange them on

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National Sorry Day Teaching Resources

National Sorry Day has been celebrated each year on May 26th since 1998.  The day is a time to commemorate and remember the ‘Stolen Generations’. These are Indigenous Australian children who were separated and often forcibly removed from their homes. Sorry Day can be commemorated at any

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30 After Reading Activities for Kids

After reading a book as a class or individually, it is great if students can take a step further and engage with the book more. This will help them with their reading comprehension and understanding of deeper concepts within the book. After reading activities are also great

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Pirate Patch Alphabet Activity

Avast Ye! Create your own classroom pirate alphabet with this cute Pirate Patch activity. If you haven’t purchased this already, well, shiver me timbers! This is a great way to add an alphabet to the classroom as students get to contribute by colouring their pirate and adding

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Growing Plants Play Dough Pieces

The best way for way for children to learn about growing plants is outdoors in the garden.  This can be a bit tricky though during the colder months, on rainy days or when you don’t have access to a garden. We have come up with a novel

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Zoo Puppet Show

Host your own puppet show with this fun and easy craft! The kids will love using their imagination and will also have fun putting it all together. This craft is great for early learners and will teach them a variety of skills…colour, cut, paste, drama, etc. YOU

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Social Media in the Classroom

Whether we like it or not social media is part of today’s society and is also being welcomed into our classrooms. These days the school newsletter is online and our students are connecting with others from all around the world with their Facebook account (usually underage). In

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ANZAC Day Teaching Resources

  ANZAC Day is an important day in Australia’s calendar as we commemorate those that fought for our freedom all over the world. We have many resources available to help commemorate this day. Check out all that is available below… ANZAC Maps – great for displaying on an IWB. Available

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