Art and Craft

Shadow Box Craft Freebie

These shadow box papers have been created to fit inside a shadow box with images  of 8cm x 8cm. Put the shadow box together loosely and draw inside the squares. 2. Glue on all the images. 3. Paint the box. 4. Glue it all together and add

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Zoo Puppet Show

Host your own puppet show with this fun and easy craft! The kids will love using their imagination and will also have fun putting it all together. This craft is great for early learners and will teach them a variety of skills…colour, cut, paste, drama, etc. YOU

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Build a 3D Town

This resource will provide hours of fun for the kids. Great for preschools, schools and home. You will find 32 printouts. One set of 16 are outlines for colouring and the other set is patterned ready to print and use like the buildings in this picture.  You

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